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About Cowgirls and Fairies

Local musician and entrepreneur April White opened Cowgirls and Fairies, a whimsical, experiential boutique, on March 5, 2022. The highly-curated store, located at Route 66 and 4th St. in downtown Williams, AZ, reflects the inspiration behind her musical project, Violet and the Sun. 

Cowgirls and Fairies gives locals and tourists alike an opportunity to experience the ethereal pop sounds of Violet and the Sun in a fully-immersive way, featuring original art installations and collaborations between White and other Arizona-based creatives. Among White’s collaborators is Cottonwood’s Aaron Day, a key member of Violet and the Sun who also played a pivotal role in designing the store.

The boutique offers a creative combination of luxury and rugged feminine apparel, hats, shoes, belts, purses and jewelry. The store also boasts soaps, herbs, essential oils, designer juice-soda hybrids, hard-to-get Leaves of Leisure tea, life-changing books, leather journals, captivating candles, inspirational framed art, and more – all within an intimate setting that combines industrial farmhouse chic and ethereal design sensibilities. 

Violet and the Sun’s dreamy music plays throughout the store, an other-worldly backdrop to the crown jewel of this experiential boutique: a MoMA PS1-esque art installation, “Beyond the Veil.” The original multi-media sculpture, created by White herself, evokes images of a magical, celestial cloud during sunset.  

“Once inside, you’ll find mystical fairyland essentials like boho chic, desert cowgirl dresses paired with rugged, Western-inspired designer accessories, then spiced with metaphysical and irreverent fun,” White says. “I really love shopping experiences that take you on a journey as you discover more and more new things that spark your imagination and laughter, bring you joy, and create lasting memories. I loved going to MoMA PS1 in my old neighborhood in Long Island City for the same reason. That’s what I want Cowgirls and Faires to be: An adventure you won’t forget.” 

White’s boutique is largely inspired by famed Tool singer and lyricist Maynard James Keenan, who opened a store called Puscifer in Jerome, AZ, to combine the classic record store aesthetic with an eclectic gift shop and barber shop that reflects Keenan’s musical style. With Cowgirls and Fairies, White saw an opportunity to create a store that would embody her musical sensibilities in a similar way. Although they are very different musicians sonically, White saw a need for listeners to connect with artists in more creative ways in a Covid-dominated world that has left live music in a longstanding limbo. Drawing upon Keenan’s (pre-Covid) approach, she hopes the experiential shop will be an  out-of-the-box way to accomplish this. 

“Listeners need a way to connect with artists to give more meaning to the music, but live music isn’t a reliable way to do that right now,” White says. “So I decided to leverage my entrepreneurial spirit and experience to forge a new path, in the hopes that this might provide another opportunity for us to make that connection.”

Cowgirls and Fairies isn’t White’s first entrepreneurial venture. She founded a successful national strategic communications agency, Trust Relations, three years ago that has doubled in size and revenue each year. The agency now has more than 30 team members and works with clients from around the globe. 

To say Cowgirls and Fairies is unlike anything in the quaint little western town of Williams is the understatement of the year. White, a Williams transplant by way of New York City and Los Angeles, hopes it brings a taste of her big city shopping experiences to the small town she loves so much, while paying homage to the regional culture and locals she adores. For this reason, the store’s selection of Muley Forge jewelry, soaps, leather goods, and more will feature locally-crafted items. 

“I’ve always been the kind of person who wants to create the things I wish existed. I created the music I wish I could listen to, the PR firm I wish I could have worked at and, now, the store I’d love to shop at if I came to visit Williams,” White says. “I hope Cowgirls and Fairies will capture the imagination of tourists and locals alike, and add a little extra color and vibrancy to the already captivating, picture-perfect vignette that is downtown Williams.” 

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